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Clicking the red link below this paragraph will open our Payout Estimator section. This calculator can help you get an approximate payout for your jewellery based on the current spot price for gold, platinum or silver.
If you are happy with the estimated payout you can choose to submit the results to us so we can provide you with a shipping label.
If you just want to start the process of selling your items to True North Gold Buyer, simply skip the Payout Estimator and fill out the form below and click “Submit Order Now” to get your shipping label.
You can also give us a call or contact us via email if you prefer to contact one of our representatives. They will answer your questions and help you with estimating the payout for your items or ordering your shipping label.

Payout Estimator: Click here to estimate the payout for your items. Otherwise just skip to the form below.

Estimate the payout for your items




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Get your shipping label & send us your items


We are required by law to have an official Picture ID on record for 2 weeks if we buy precious metals from you. We respect your privacy, so by default we will delete your Picture ID 2 weeks after we issue your payment unless you check the box for us to keep it on file for future business. Please upload a picture of your passport or drivers license. The file size limit is 12MB and JPG, PNG, PDF and ZIP are allowed. This step can be skipped for now. We will then ask for a Picture ID at a later time, before we can finish the transaction.

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