British Platinum Coin

Platinum Coins, fineness < .999

We at True North Gold Buyer Ltd., the gold, silver & platinum buyer of your choice, offer you top prices for your old or unwanted coins. Below you will find further information on various platinum coins with platinum fineness lower than .999 we buy. If you cannot find your coin below or have a coin that you cannot identify please write us an email via our Contact Form or call us at (705) 302 1055 to obtain an estimate. Please keep in mind that we may not be able to provide you with an accurate estimate until we’ve seen the coin.

Russian Platinum Ruble of the 19th century

The first platinum coins were issued in St. Petersburg, Russia from 1828 to 1845. As expected for material produced by powder metallurgy and because of major impurities, there was a significant degree of porosity at the surface, which made the coins look less shiny than modern Platinum Coins. Because of the rather greyish look they could easily be mistaken for silver coins and the public did not accept them, which is why they were recalled and demonetized. The reverse features the imperial double-headed eagle.
In 1977 new Platinum coins were struck with the old dies for collectors. These have fewer impurities, especially less iron and are therefore nonmagnetic.
The Analysis of 6 of the original Platinum Coins and their impurities showed no consistent trend, which suggests that refining practice remained basically unchanged, resulting in an estimated platinum content of probably around 95 to 97 weight% for the genuine coins.

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