American Platinum Coin. 1oz .9995

Platinum Coins, fineness .999

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Canadian Platinum Coins

Platinum Maple Leaf

These very popular platinum coins were first introduced in 1988 and were minted until 1999. The series was revived 2002 and once again in 2009. The obverse shows Queen Elizabeth II at the of 39 from 1988 to 1989, at the age of 64 from 1990 to 2002 and at the age of 79 since 2009. The Maple Leaf, appears on the reverse of the coin.

Face valuePure PT WeightDia­meterThick­nessFine­ness
$501.0000 oz30.0 mm2.62 mm.9995
$250.5000 oz25.0 mm1.96 mm.9995
$100.2500 oz20.0 mm1.50 mm.9995
$50.1000 oz16.0 mm1.01 mm.9995
$20.0667 oz15.0 mm0.83 mm.9995
$10.0500 oz14.1 mm0.79 mm.9995

Australian Platinum Coins

Australian Koala Platinum Coins Leaf

The Platinum Koala is an Australian platinum bullion coin minted by the Perth Mint. It was first struck in 1988. The coin has in low relief a koala on its obverse and Queen Elizabeth II on the reverse.

Face valuePure PT WeightDia­meterThick­nessFine­ness
$10,000 (199)1.0000 kg75.3 mm13.90 mm.9995
$3,000 (since 1992)1.0000 kg75.3 mm13.90 mm.9995
$2,500 (1991)10.0000 oz60.3 mm7.90 mm.9995
$1,000 (since 1992)10.0000 oz60.3 mm7.90 mm.9995
$500 (1991)2.0000 oz40.6 mm4.00 mm.9995
$200 (since 1992)2.0000 oz40.6 mm4.00 mm.9995
$1001.0000 oz32.1 mm2.70 mm.9995
$500.5000 oz25.1 mm2.03 mm.9995
$250.2500 oz20.1 mm1.90 mm.9995
$150.1000 oz16.1 mm1.40 mm.9995
$50.0500 oz14.1 mm1.32 mm.9995

Discover Australia 2009 Dreaming

This beautiful new series of Australian Platinum Coins is legal tender. Until now there only exist a 1/2 oz and a 1/10 oz coin. All coins feature a coloured reverse with the following motives from The Perth Mint’s Indigenous Artist Darryl Bellotti: Kangaroo, Dolphin, Brolga, Echidna. The obverse bears the effigy of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

Face valuePure PT WeightMax Dia­meterMax Thick­nessFine­ness
$500.5000 oz25.6 mm2.30 mm.9995
$150.1000 oz16.6 mm1.32 mm.9995

British Platinum Coins

Isle Of Man – Platinum Noble

The Platinum Noble from the Isle of man was first minted in 1983 as an investment coin. The beautiful platinum coin features a historic Viking longship, ‘Thusly’, shown under full sail, on its reverse, the young Queen Elizabeth II with crown, on its obverse.

Face valuePure PT WeightDia­meterFine­ness
1 Noble1.0000 oz32.7 mm.9995
.5 Noble0.5000 oz27.0 mm.9995
.25 Noble0.2500 oz22.0 mm.9995
.1 Noble0.1000 oz16.5 mm.9995
.05 Noble0.0500 oz13.9 mm.9995

Platinum Britannia

The British Royal Mint produces Platinum Britannia bullion coins and other occasional coins with a fineness of .9995.

Face valuePure PT WeightDia­meterFine­ness
£1001.0000 oz32.69 mm.9995
£500.5000 oz25.0 mm.9995
£250.2500 oz20.0 mm.9995
£100.1000 oz15.0 mm.9995

Platinum Entente Cordiale Crown

This is the first british platinum coin. It was issued in 2004 for the centenary of the Entente Cordiale treaty signed by Britain and France in 1904.

Face valuePure PT WeightDia­meterFine­ness
£53.0000 oz38.61 mm.9995

Other Countries

In 1987 China began minting platinum coins by issuing 2000 proof-quality pieces with face value of 100 Yuan, a fineness of .9995, containing 1 ounce of platinum. China minted more platinum panda coins, in varying denominations and amounts, in 1988-1990, 1993-1997, and 2002-2005. The obverse side features The Temple of Heaven in Beijing and the reverse different panda designs.
Russia has issued platinum coins with a fineness of .999 and a denomination of 150 rubles (1/2 oz) between 1977 and 1980 and since 1992, in denominations of 25 rubles, containing a tenth of an ounce of platinum, and 50 and 150 rubles, containing a half ounce.
In the year 1981, Lesotho issued two hundred and fifty platinum Maloti coins that contain a half-ounce of platinum.
In 1982 South Africa issued a 1 ounce platinum coin with a fineness of .9995 to celebrate ‘One Hundred Years of Electricity in Soufh Africa’.

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