Covid 19 update – Yes we are open!

As an essential business we are open during normal operating hours (10 am to 7 pm EST). During these unprecedented times True North Gold Buyer is taking all essential steps to keep both our customers and employees safe and stop the spread of the virus.

We have social distancing protocols in place and provide all employees with personal protective equipment. All incoming and outgoing shipments of material are thoroughly disinfected using 70 % isopropanol. All outgoing shipments are packaged after disinfection by employees wearing gloves and respirators, so you can be sure that the inside of the packages you receive from True North Gold Buyer are clean and free of virus particles.

Please note: Since all packages still get handled by post employees along the way, we do recommend spraying the outside down with disinfectant or handle the boxes with gloves just to be on the safe side.

Together we will get through this. Be safe and be well.

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