Worried about market volatility? Consider bullion!

Bullion is probably the safest long term investment to protect yourself from market volatility, inflation and loss of purchasing power.
Even though the value of bars and coins is affected by many different factors like the current market price of precious metals, the perceived scarcity of the coins and other factors like the quality, current demand and general market sentiment, they are likely to retain value.
Unlike stocks or fiat currencies, which are essentially just pieces of paper, precious metals are in limited supply and are used extensively in many industries to manufacture goods that all of us use every day such as computers and cell phones.

If you invest a lot of time to micro-manage your assets, stocks can greatly outperform precious metals but the risk of a total loss is always present compared to buying bullion. A stock has no intrinsic value. It represents a share of a company and if that company goes out of business, it will be worthless.
At a time when stock markets are very volatile and monetary policy can lead to hyperinflation, precious metals and especially gold can be a safe haven to protect your assets from a loss of purchasing power.
For an ounce of gold you could buy a nice toga in ancient Rome 2000 years ago and you can still buy a nice suit with it today.

At this point, we would like to stress the fact that bullion, like all other investments, fluctuates in price and can increase but also decline in value. You should understand the bullion market and have adequate cash reserves & disposable income before considering a bullion investment. Just ask yourself what good is it if the gold price goes up to say $ 10000 per troy ounce 10 years from now but you have to sell your gold again next week to pay your rent? By then the spot price could go down by maybe $ 50 per troy ounce compared to today when you bought it. We therefore advise you to consult your financial advisor before buying bullion.

We would also like to take this opportunity to make sure potential customers understand, that due to the spot price fluctuations, we will always provide you with exact-to-the-minute prices before you confirm your order. Once confirmed, there is no turning back. The price is locked in and the sale of your bullion is final.

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